Tree Lighting Systems in Fort Worth

tree lighting systems fort worthIn terms of tackling any residential landscape, one question persists in customers’ minds: what design should I go with? When you have an idea in your head about what you want your landscape to look like, you’re much more prepared for the installation, be it stair step lighting or patio tree lighting. Whatever you choose, you know that if you’ve thought out the full design ahead of time, you’ll get the look you’ve dreamed of.

Why Tree Lighting?

When it comes to one of those particular landscaping details – that of tree lighting – customers tend to ask why exactly they might need it. However, this landscape lighting really serves a lot of purposes:

  • It lights a walkway
  • It allows for evenings outdoors
  • It brightens up a landscape
  • It accents your patio

In short, lighting a patio tree or regular landscape tree serves multiple functions, and it is especially useful for those Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas homeowners who often enjoy using their patios and landscapes at any hour of the day.

Maintenance of Tree Lighting Systems

When it comes to landscape lighting, most people find themselves drawn to tree lighting systems. Our professional technicians can help you achieve the perfect tree lighting landscape. However, you, as a homeowner, must regularly maintain both your tree lighting system and the trees themselves. Such maintenance includes pruning, proper wiring, and inspections.

When you call NTX Outdoor Lighting, our technicians can thoroughly inspect your entire system. We will examine each individual light, the clock time/photo cell, and any moisture. We will fix any broken lights and make any necessary adjustments. You should schedule an inspection like this with NTX Outdoor Lighting on an annual or bi-annual basis. When it comes time for an inspection, our technicians will arrive promptly and walk the entire perimeter of the lighting system, looking for any broken bulbs or loose wiring. We will restore your tree lighting system to excellent working order.

Tree Lighting Landscaping & Techniques

When considering accent lighting or brightening up a space outdoors, there are specific tree lighting techniques that we suggest. Those include a focus on a key area, such as a water space or favorite green feature. Additionally, we could use the tree lighting landscape to create a larger than life view of your yard, allowing you to enjoy its mass glory at any time of the day or night. Finally, we can use certain techniques to bring the security and visibility around your home up a notch.

Added Security Through Lighting System

You might be asking yourself, why would I need a tree lighting system if I don’t spend evenings outside very much? Tree lighting isn’t just for the homeowners who spend time outdoors; it’s also for the homeowner that needs a better ability to see in the dark. Tree lighting systems are for homeowners that need an added security to their landscape. Tree lighting greatly increases visibility in your yard, which leads to a safer home. Think about it this way: a well-lit home is a safer home.

Did you know that over 17,000 homeowners visit the emergency room each year due to slip and fall injuries while installing their Christmas lights? Almost half of these injuries were due to falls from ladders. At NTX Lighting Systems, our professionally trained and insured team is dedicated to bringing you down off the ladder and taking your place. We know how to appropriately and safely install Christmas tree lights while minimizing potential injury. Get in the festive mood by calling NTX Outdoor Lighting. We’d be happy to install festive lights in a tree or two.

Types of Tree Lighting

Two main types of tree lighting services are available to homeowners or business owners: accent lighting and security lighting. Both provide benefits for the property, including safety, security, aesthetic, and convenience.

Accent tree lighting will brighten up your outdoor area and create an attractive look. Focusing on a key area of your landscape is important, such as your favorite place to relax or perhaps near the pool. Additionally, tree lighting can offer a larger view of the entire yard during the night. This is where security lighting comes into play. Lighting in the right areas of the garden will deter any potential burglars from entering the property. By offering fewer spots for a robber to hide, you are protecting your home and your assets by improving visibility. Depending on your needs, one or both types of tree lighting may be advantageous.

Will my landscaping be damaged?

When installing tree lighting on your property, our experienced technicians are extremely careful of any and all landscaping on your property. We take great care to ensure that no permanent damage comes to your lawn. By installing tree lighting, we simply need access to the tree itself and space to run underground wiring to run the system.

To connect the wiring, we will need to dig out a small segment in your yard to successfully bury the line. We replace any and all dirt or grass we move from the area to its rightful place and know how to minimize any potential damage. Any grass that has been shifted will regrow in due time. In exchange, you receive greater visibility, security, and a pleasing view at night with our professional lighting systems.

Consider Security and Visibility

Consider visibility and add a level of security that you wouldn’t have had without tree lighting. In having this installed, your landscape goes from dark and static to well-lit and dynamic. Don’t have a yard that you’ve settled on, but instead, have a yard that you’re proud of. Contact NTX Outdoor Lighting today for a tree lighting system tomorrow! Call 682-707-5578.