Patio Lighting Installation in Fort Worth

Patio Lighting Installation Fort Worth, TXHave the patio but guests still tend to congregate inside? Want to enjoy a late-night happy hour with your spouse but it’s too dark out? These tend to be problems that arise with homeowners who have the perfect patio… without the right lighting. With patio lighting installation, done by the NTX Outdoor Lighting pros, your patio won’t continue to go unused. Instead, it will become a major hub of your home’s activity.

What a Patio Does and Why It Needs Lighting

A patio can be the perfect location for…

  • An afternoon party
  • A morning cup of coffee
  • An afternoon reading session
  • An evening dinner with friends

The patio is often such a great space to have as a home addition; most homeowners who don’t have them plan on adding them eventually. Essentially, a patio is a fantastic way to enjoy the outdoors.

When a patio doesn’t have lighting though, it often goes unused. Those afternoon reading sessions or evening dinner parties just don’t happen if there’s isn’t the right type of lighting present. A patio area needs lighting to be a usable space at any hour. Think of it this way: without lighting, this is space you own that becomes useless when the sun goes down. And in the Texas heat, a patio that cannot be used at night basically means it cannot be used at all.

Patio Lighting Installation

With patio lighting installation, you reclaim your outdoor space. You’re able to entertain or have an evening alone outside, no matter the hour. You can utilize this great home feature at any time you want; with patio lighting installation, you’re not subject to daylight hours. Let the NTX Outdoor Lighting team be your patio lighting pros. Contact us using our online form or call today!

Patio Lighting Design

By installing efficient patio lighting in your home, you extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors during the warm summer months. Fortunately, homeowners who would like to improve the lighting of their patio have many options to choose from to make their patio lighting design unique.

For instance, installing highly effective lighting underneath the railing of the terrace ensures the lights themselves are out of sight yet still provide efficient illumination. Some homeowners choose to install lighting directly in the flooring of their patio or on the stairs, ensuring no visitors or family members trip while relaxing outdoors at night. Even in a commercial environment, patio lighting can be designed and installed for walkways, railings, or sidewalks. The right lighting design on your deck or patio will greatly increase the functionality and attractiveness of your property.

Patio Lighting Installation Cost

Are you looking to enjoy the warm summer nights while making your property more attractive? Patio lighting installation is just one simple service offered here at NTX Outdoor Lighting, and homeowners are going crazy over their options for newly designed lighting systems. There are numerous reasons to install or upgrade the outdoor lighting on your home’s patio or deck. For instance, lighting can deter any potential burglars, make your home more aesthetically appealing, and allow you to spend more time outdoors.

A few different factors will play into the total cost of installation. The cost of an installation will include the original lighting, the labor, and the supplies being used. Before any work commences, our technician will offer a reasonable quote of our services. Our experienced technicians will survey your property and work with you to ensure we meet your needs and requirements affordably.

How to Install Patio Lights

Are you considering installing patio lights? Great idea! Patio lights are an elegant, stylish addition to virtually any home. The proper lighting can transform and enhance your backyard space!

Do you have further questions about how to install patio lights? Contact NTX Outdoor Lighting today to speak with one of our outdoor lighting experts!

Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas

Outdoor patio lighting can brighten your home and make your backyard space truly shine. There are many different designs and options out there — here are a few of our favorite outdoor patio lighting ideas:

  1. String Lights. String lights provide a romantic, lovely ambiance. Hang them around tree trunks near your patio or on your deck railings.
  2. Landscape Lighting. Landscape lighting is a great way to show off pathways and various plants in your yard.
  3. Lanterns. Hang lanterns on your patio for a fun, party feel!

Do you have questions about outdoor patio lighting ideas? Get in touch with NTX Outdoor Lighting today to hear more about what we offer!

What is a multi-tap transformer?

A multi-tap transformer, also known as a step up or step down transformer, features multiple taps to offer flexibility when it comes to input or output voltage requirements. Depending on the needs of your landscape lighting system, the multi-tap transformer will adapt to the situation and increase or decrease voltage to the specified string of lights at the correct time.

Many homeowners choose to install a multi-tap transformer to have more control over their landscape lighting systems. For instance, photocell sensors allow the transformer to active the lights from dusk to dawn, and an integrated timer allows the user to set the time length for the lights to remain active. Most transformers turn the lights on once the sun begins to set, while the timer will ensure they stay on for the specified amount of time – usually 1 to 9 hours. Speak with our experienced technicians to discover whether your home would benefit from a multi-tap transformer.

For now, your main focus for lighting should be on ensuring the system operates when you need it. There are more recorded slip and fall accidents during the winter than any other time of the year. You do not want to become another number in the statistic by slipping on a patch of ice that could have been illuminated with a light in the right place.

What is the best way to install patio lighting?

Proper lighting will complement any patio or backyard space. Practical lighting options, like motion-sensing lights, might sound utilitarian, but in reality add considerable beauty to all landscapes. The most efficient way to install patio lighting is to run an underground electrical line around the patio beforehand. This wiring will give you a foundation to begin the installation without tearing up large portions of the yard or patio itself. When you hire us to install patio lighting for you, we’ll start by marking out the route for the wiring; then, we’ll plan the lighting positions. Post lighting can efficiently light the whole patio space. The post itself will hide the wiring, allowing the light to be installed directly in the material. This results in an elegant, aesthetically pleasing lighting effect.

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