Outdoor Security Lighting in Fort Worth

outdoor security lighting fort worthAddressing security issues and safety concerns are not something traditionally associated with a lawn lighting company. However, that is far from the truth. Instead, homeowners should instantly think of a landscape lighting company like NTX Outdoor Lighting. We offer and install outdoor security lighting, keeping your Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas family and home safe at any hour.

Security Lights

Security lights, when installed in your home, don’t just light up the lawn; they also illuminate potential trespassers. This means lighting not only protects the visibility of your home, but it also shies away from strangers.

No one really wants to approach a home that is well-lit, as it makes the trespasser extremely visible.

Flood Lights

In addition to security and visibility, outdoor lighting can add a safety element. As the spring in Texas brings heavy rainstorms, flood lights act to make your yard visible throughout the torrential mess. With floodlights, you can easily see out your front door and into the neighborhood, even as the storm gets stronger.

Whatever the Reason…

Whatever the reason is, your choice to have outdoor lighting ensures several things:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Visibility

Types of Security Lighting

Home security lighting systems play a vital role in preventing potential burglars from entering your property and making off with your goods. By increasing the visibility of your landscape, you reduce any hiding places or points of entry from those who wish to do you harm or steal from you.

Of course, you can take advantage of multiple types of security lighting, including motion-activated and halogen floodlights – two of the most common types of lighting. Motion-activated lights protect your property from unwanted entry with the added benefit of keeping your electricity bill low each month. Such lighting systems only activate when an object or individual moves within their sensor radius. Alternatively, halogen exterior flood lights emit strong lights by simply flicking a switch. Halogen consumes more energy than other lights, of course, but they offer a brighter bulb and cover more surface area.

Is security lighting expensive to operate?

The cost to run security lighting on your property completely depends on the style of light and size of the system you have installed. For example, a motion-activated system will use significantly less power and cost less per month to operate, as the lighting will only activate when an object or individual enters the sensor area. When not activated, the lighting system does not consume any power.

A halogen flood light system, one of the most robust security lighting systems, requires a lot of energy and costs quite a bit to operate each month. With a halogen system, however, you receive the added benefit of widespread coverage.

How do I make sure outdoor lights survive the winter?

Your best bet to ensure your outdoor lighting setup survives through the entire winter is to perform regular maintenance and checkups. If you are uncomfortable performing any regular maintenance or checking the system over for any defects during the cold winter months, we’d be more than happy to service the entire outdoor lighting system for you.

The best option to ensure the longevity of your landscape lighting is to check the wires themselves. These may have been pushed above ground when the weather changes abruptly. During the freezing and thawing cycles that are so common during the winter, these wires are forced upwards, exposing them to the elements and potentially causing damage that will need to be repaired before much of the system can function properly once more. Every now and then, the odd bulb may need to be replaced, but that is not as big an issue as wiring damage.

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