Landscape Lighting Maintenance in Fort Worth

Landscape Lighting Maintenance in Fort Worth TXIn Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas, landscape lighting is a key focal point for most homes and businesses. It illuminates a walkway, provides extra security, and acts as a design element. When these lights go out, you need to ensure that the team you enlist for outdoor lighting maintenance is NTX Outdoor Lighting. Our maintenance and inspection team is your resource to get your landscape lighting back up and running.

Patio Lighting Maintenance

Look to patio lighting maintenance as a perfect example of our stellar team. NTX Outdoor Lighting understands the value in patio lighting, so our techs make maintenance a priority. We make sure that we think about the possible hazards of not having lighting up and running when we approach any patio lighting repair job. We’re asking questions of safety:

  • Are there lights you need on to see the path?
  • Do they illuminate your patio stairs and prevent trips and falls?
  • Is there lighting in place that ensures your family knows where the patio deck ends?

It is no secret that accidents can happen when lights are out. Ensure you trust your patio lighting maintenance to the NTX Outdoor Lighting professionals.

LED Landscape Lighting Maintenance

What about those times when you are unsure if your landscape lighting can be fixed? If you have LED landscape lighting, then you’ve got nothing to worry about; we tackle those too. These energy-efficient light options can seem costly up front, but save you tons in the long run, as LED cuts down on your electricity bill. LED landscape lighting maintenance is really no issue for the NTX Outdoor Lighting team.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Cost

Preventative maintenance has always been the best method to ensure your landscape lighting system won’t need any costly repairs. An experienced technician can visit your home to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your outdoor lighting system. Our team is equipped with the latest tools and the right training for the job. We’re not just any outdoor lighting company; we are a focused, professional group of lighting technicians offering quality service.

The cost associated with regular maintenance varies depending on the size of your system and your exact needs. At NTX Outdoor Lighting, we offer a comprehensive quote for our services before any maintenance work begins. Simply call NTX Outdoor Lighting and explain your current situation. We will send a technician to survey the landscape lighting system and come up with a maintenance plan. Our quote will include every cost associated with the work we intend to complete, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Can my existing system be converted to LED?

LED lighting is becoming immensely popular as an outdoor option for both homeowners and commercial properties. Many people, however, are still nervous about converting to this relatively new form of technology. If your existing system uses 24 volts or less, it is perfect for conversion to LED lighting. Our experienced technicians will simply swap out the existing bulbs for new, energy efficient LED bulbs.

LED is also known for having a high resistance to moisture, which prevents the bulbs from shorting out in an area where water is more prevalent. Heavy rainfall may short out an older system, but not LED. With a LED system, however, all wiring must be buried underground. Though the bulbs are moisture-resistant, the wiring is not. Our technicians will survey your current system and determine whether the input and output voltage is safe enough to install LED lighting.

How much does low voltage lighting cost?

The cost to install low voltage lighting systems on your property will vary depending on the size of the system, the type of light you use, and the supplies and labor required to complete the task. Our technicians are efficient, so you can expect us to complete the job promptly. Our team puts you, the customer, before anything else, ensuring we offer quality service at an affordable price.

Before any work begins, our friendly customer service representatives and technicians will work with you directly to ensure we fully understand your needs and desires. With the correct information available to our technicians, we can offer a comprehensive quote for our services, detailing the exact cost to install a low voltage lighting system. Running the system, however, will depend on the number of bulbs installed. For example, a 20-light system may only cost $12 to $15 per month to operate.

What’s the best way to maintain a landscape lighting system during winter?

Many homeowners should learn a few tips and tricks when it comes to maintaining their landscape lighting system during the wintertime. These include keeping the fixtures clean, checking for any exposed wires, adjusting the fixtures when necessary, performing periodic checks on the bulbs, and looking for any moisture-related issues. The majority of these maintenance tasks require simply walking around the lighting system, checking on every light as you get to it. For the most part, you can locate a defect almost immediately. Other times, however, you may require the skills of a professional lighting technician to ensure the entire system is running smoothly and efficiently, just like it should all winter long.

If you are unsure of how to perform general maintenance on the lighting system, give us a call today, and we’d be more than happy to send someone out to take care of the job.

For all your landscape lighting maintenance needs from patios to LEDs, look to NTX Outdoor Lighting. We are your illumination resource! Call 682-707-5578 today!