Landscape Lighting Design in Fort Worth, TX

When it comes to outdoor lighting design, installation, and repair, there are a lot of things to consider. First and foremost, our team at NTX Outdoor Lighting likes to ask our clients, “What is your aesthetic goal with landscape lighting design? What atmosphere do you want to create?” And not surprisingly, each customer has a unique answer. Some homeowners say they want added security with a simple elegance. Others want lighting for their home that is more energy-efficient — meaning they’re probably interested in high efficiency fixtures – and some clients are looking to completely upgrade their home’s curb appeal.

Landscape Lighting Design Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

Design Makes the Difference

Whatever the reason, outdoor lighting design makes all the difference. With the right landscape lighting design, you and your landscape lighting company can create the perfect look, style, and feel that you want.  If you don’t have the right team for the job,  you may end up unsatisfied. Don’t compromise on the landscape lighting design you deserve. Call NTX Outdoor Lighting for nothing short of exceptional service.

For example, if you want a minimal landscape lighting design, but the installers you’ve chosen decided to place your lights above ground instead of in-ground, you may feel that the outdoor lighting design you just purchased doesn’t fit your taste. Or you have a parent moving in with you soon, and you want to ensure the path to your home is always visible for them with in-step lighting. The outdoor lighting design company you choose should help you create an atmosphere that keeps in mind your needs and in-line with what is necessary for your home or business to function optimally.

Landscape Lighting Design Tips

Some of the most common questions we get are regarding the landscape lighting design process. We always strive to perfectly match our customer’s vision while suggesting ways to improve and accentuate the areas of your landscaping that you love. A few of the landscape design tips we recommend include:

  • Take a good hard look at your yard in the day and at night, try to envision what lights you would prefer.
  • Draw a rough sketch of your ideal lighting placement.
  • Make sure to keep in mind placement of walkways and windows.
  • Sometimes less is more. The lighting should accentuate, not overpower.
  • Bring your ideas and preferences to an experienced landscape lighting designer.

NTX Outdoor Lighting has years of experience and training in outdoor lighting placement. We are happy to work with you to achieve the perfect balance of light and landscaping in your front or backyard.

A Finished Product You’re Happy With

In short, the landscape lighting design you choose is crucial to having a finished product that you’re happy with. NTX Outdoor Lighting can address any of your concerns regarding design; we install the product you want in the way you want it done. If we can’t logistically do it, we’ll suggest several other ways to get it right.

Residential Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting design does so much more than add visibility to your yard. When you add landscape lighting design to your home, you add considerable value to your property. Lighting on a walkway makes your home safer in the evening for anyone walking to your home. Lighting around windows and doors deters criminals from breaking in. Attractive lighting that highlights your landscaping improves the curb appeal of your home. There are endless benefits in adding residential landscape lighting design! To get started, make sure to call our office and schedule a meeting with one of our residential landscape lighting designers.

Energy Efficient Landscape Lighting

When considering the options available to homeowners regarding outdoor lighting, a lot of customers don’t realize that energy efficient landscape lighting exists on the market. It is an energy efficient win for your landscape!

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

On warm summer evenings, you and your family love spending time out on your deck or patio, but if you can’t see each other, then it’s hard to carry on a conversation. With a smart outdoor landscape lighting design, you’ll be able to light up the right parts of your yard at any time of night. Whether you need lights down by the pool or near the patio, NTX Outdoor Lighting can make your light vision come true.

To help you decide what you need, we’ll work with you to come up with a lighting plan that fits your outdoor needs. Our experienced landscape designers will offer great styles and designs that will capitalize your yard’s lighting potential. We have plenty of fixture designs to match just about any yard, and we’ll help you choose a fixture that will match your personal tastes. When we’re finished lighting up your yard, you will be able to enjoy your landscape long after the sun sets.

How do I plan my landscape lighting design?

Just like every home, every landscape light design will be unique. The initial plan for your landscape lighting will depend on the structure of your home, layout of your lawn, and whether you need the lighting for purely aesthetic reasons or added security. There are limitless options when you are planning for landscape lights design. When you call NTX Outdoor Lighting, one of our experienced landscape designers can help assess your yard and develop a completely customized design for you. We understand that the whole process can be very overwhelming. Don’t stress! We are happy to walk you through the design process from start to finish.

What are some practical tips for maintaining landscape lighting fixtures?

When you have had landscape lighting fixtures installed, you want to do all you can to keep them looking great. Like every part of your yard, even the lighting requires some regular maintenance. Here are a few practical tips for keeping your lighting in pristine condition.

  • Every few weeks, turn on your lights and inspect them for dimming, flickering, or burned out bulbs.
  • On a monthly basis, check for insects or debris within the light fixture and perform a quick clean out.
  • Check for rust or corrosion on the outside of the fixture.
  • Turn on your sprinkler system to observe how much moisture is hitting your lighting.
  • Trim grass and pull weeds that are located close to your lighting fixtures to prevent them from tipping.
  • Call a professional to come and inspect your landscape lighting fixtures twice a year.

If you notice an immediate problem with your outdoor lighting, contact NTX Outdoor Lighting for assistance.

Why are landscape lights not typically 120 volt?

With landscape lighting, you’ll usually see one of two options: 12 volt or 120 volt. For most homes, 120V or line voltage outdoor lighting isn’t used because it is more labor intensive to install. It requires the work of an electrician, and the lines must be buried at least 18″ underground. You will find these types of volts in commercial areas such as busy streets and parks. Some buildings will also use these volts as an added security measure because they are so bright.

Most homes, however, don’t need this powerful light. In most instances, the 12V is a better option. It is far easier to install, and it is much safer to have around your house. An electrician does not need to install these cables, and there is also less of a risk of someone getting shocked. Since these cables do not need to be buried, then they don’t cost you as much to install. More design choices are also available for the 12V option. You can choose from many different fixtures, wattages, bulbs, and designs.

Do I need to plan ahead for a landscape lighting system?

When in the process of building an entirely new home, it is best to contact NTX Outdoor Lighting before construction even begins. By doing so, we can work directly with you and the construction company to carefully install necessary outlets that will reach the wiring. This installation powers your landscape lighting system throughout your yard.

Should you live in an existing home, however, simply reach out to one of landscape lighting technicians for a scheduled visit. Our professional will explore your home and property, letting you know if any features of your landscape need to be removed, replanted, or shifted around. In most cases, we can easily work with whatever landscape you currently have. From here, we can design a plan to install the lighting system promptly. It will not take long at all to prepare the entire process and system.

How do LED lighting systems compare energy-wise?

Professionally installed LED lighting systems have proven to offer homeowners electricity savings of almost 75% when compared to traditional outdoor lighting systems. As a result, you will save quite a bit of money on your monthly energy bill, and LED lighting is also great for the environment. The light’s impact on the environment is drastically reduced, which is ideal for everyone.

In fact, LED lighting is one of the most energy efficient and rapidly developing lighting technologies in the entire world. A quality LED bulb will last far longer, is more durable, and offers better light quality when compared with other forms of lighting. LEDs are the size of a small flake of pepper and use a mixture of red, green, and blue to form white light. They emit light in a particular direction, reducing the need for a reflector or diffuser that traps the light.

Contact NTX Outdoor Lighting today for outdoor lighting design that you’ve been dreaming of! Call 682-707-5578 to schedule an appointment with one of our landscape lighting design professionals.