Hardscape Lighting in Fort Worth

Hardscape LightingMost homeowners have never heard the term “hardscape lighting” before. It refers to lighting fixtures installed on stone or brick walls and other hard surfaces. Many homeowners opt for lighting on a backyard wall, either to accentuate their patio or as a safety precaution. It’s always a good idea to create a well-lit landscape that prevents accidents and intruders. At NTX Outdoor Lighting, we provide hardscape lighting for clients seeking further illumination.

Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners want their homes to be energy efficient. Utility bills are currently one of the biggest expenses for the average household. These bills, unfortunately, rise with the number of appliances and fixtures installed. As you think about hardscape lighting, consider opting for energy-efficient fixtures. These lights will save you money in the long-run. Their initial cost of investment is worth the time it takes to find an energy efficient fixture.

At NTX Outdoor Lighting, we’ve worked with the very best fixtures in the industry. We know exactly which lights will offer the most bang for your buck. As professionals, we pride ourselves on recommending specific light sets for our clients. If you’re looking for professional direction on efficiency, just ask!

Commercial Lighting

At NTX Outdoor Lighting, we work with both residential and commercial customers. If your business has an outside wall, such as those surrounding a parking lot, you may want to consider proper lighting. When you work with the public, you always want to provide a safe environment. A single slip and fall incident could ruin your business.

When we install your fixtures, we’ll properly space out each light, ensuring that there are no lapses in illumination.

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