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September 20, 2016
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Winterizing Lawn and Landscape LightingAs seasons change, our customers start to consider the legitimate concern of winterizing their lawns. This involves ensuring the grass is prepped for the cold temps, that the lighting fixtures are ready to withstand the heavy precipitation, and that the entire landscape will bounce back once it warms up again. We’re more than happy to be your resource for winterizing. In short, when we help you prepare for winter, we ensure our products and your lawn care are easy to tackle year-round.

The Grass and Landscape

If you do just a little bit of internet searching, you will quickly find many methods for winterizing your lawn. They tend to all say – accurately – that you should trim your lawn very short to prevent bad growth, you should aerate before the first cold snap, and you should use a winter fertilizer. We totally agree! These techniques are proven tried and true to maintain your lawn through whatever winter brings.

Lighting and Outdoor Fixtures Inspection

Not surprisingly, outdoor fixtures bring more concern to our customers than the grass often does. This is because, most of the time, the grass on their lawn is made of native plants. These shrubs and greenery know how to withstand this particular seasonal change we will endure. However, when it come to the fixtures themselves, there are some preventative measures you can take. First, have a thorough inspection done on each fixture.

In inspection, you are ensuring a tight seal on the fixture and it is possible that exposure to water damage is significantly diminished. Think of it this way, when you ensure seals are tight on windows in your home, you ensure no winter weather is passing through and causing damage. The same applies for your lighting – when you ensure it is properly sealed, installed, and firmly in place, you guarantee longevity.

Making It Through the Storm

To ensure your outdoor lighting makes it through the winter weather, look to NTX Outdoor Lighting. We understand the year-round need for your landscape illumination, and we help you make it through the winter storm! Contact us at 682-707-5578 today.

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