Three Easy Ways to Illuminate Your Garden

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A light beautifully illuminates a garden

Three Easy Ways to Illuminate Your Garden

Enjoying a beautiful, thriving garden is one of the great pleasures of having your own space. But, no matter how many hours or dollars you spend to keep things preened and pristine, when the sun goes down, you have to wait until tomorrow to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or do you?

Illuminating your garden at night may seem like a huge undertaking, but we at NTX Outdoor Lighting know it’s easier than you think to enjoy your garden at any time of the day. Here are a couple of easy ways to brighten things up:

Make a Water Feature the Focus

Nothing brings out a garden’s true potential like a beautiful water feature. Whether it’s a lavish Koi pond, flowing waterfall, or something a little on the simpler side, there is no green space that couldn’t be improved by some blue.

But more than just adding to the esthetics, a water feature offers the perfect opportunity to help light up your garden and its surrounding areas. In fact, lighting systems have gotten so advanced that they can actually be placed right in the water, promoting a beautiful calming effect that will reverberate across your entire space.

Use Trees for a Total Transformation

Not only do the trees in your garden play a vital role in keeping things green and beautiful, they also provide the perfect platform to help keep things illuminated. Lights of all kinds can be positioned in trees to not only illuminate their beautiful features, but also the detail and hard work you’ve put into your garden. Plus, adding tree lighting to your yard can improve security and make your garden a safer place to enjoy.

Who Says the Sun Can’t Shine at Night?

Rechargeable solar lights are not just a beautiful way to keep you garden illuminated throughout the evening, they’re also extremely cost effective thanks to virtually no operating cost after installation. Whether they’re installed right in your garden’s design or added afterwards as an accent piece, these automatic ambiance creators can keep your space looking beautiful at any time of the day. The most common design choice is to use them as running lights along paths, but these versatile energy savers can be used just about anywhere.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your garden beautiful day or night, our expert team of designers and installers will help you see the light. Don’t wait another day – call (469) 360-9917 to schedule your consultation now!

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