How a Landscape Team Can Transform Your Patio

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Patio Lighting Installation Fort Worth and Surrounding AreasFt. Worth residents love spending time outside during the warm summer months. This is especially true in the evenings with family and friends over for a grill night, or sharing a few drinks and watching your kids run around the yard. With a patio, you will create memories that last a lifetime. NTX Outdoor Lighting put together this article to give you an idea of some of your patio options and explain why a landscape team is a must for your summer patio transformation project.

Types of Patio Materials

  • Clay brick – Brick can be used to create sophisticated, distinguished patios, or it can be configured to accommodate more rustic looks.
  • Pavers – This option is great for unique design and simplistic bases alike.
  • Stamped concrete – Concrete is an inexpensive, no-nonsense material. Modern concrete can be colored and stamped to resemble a riverbed, bricks, and even natural stone. Concrete can be poured into endless designs and shapes, making for a true “blank canvas” choice.
  • Natural stone – Earthy and unique, flagstone can be a bit more costly, but the result is absolutely gorgeous.

Outdoor Options

If you’re looking to add onto an existing patio or you want to add a little something extra to your current landscaping project, here are a few options to consider.

For a custom-designed, practical outdoor patio, turn to the professionals at NTX Outdoor Lighting. Our experienced landscaping team can design and install a functional yet beautiful patio for you and your whole family to enjoy.

Why a Landscape Team Can Help

NTX Outdoor Lighting has years of experience handling landscaping projects in the Ft. Worth area. Not only are we familiar with the popular materials and design elements, we have the experience to know what will look best in your outdoor space. If you have questions, give us a call today at (682) 707-5578.

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