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Outdoor Lighting BasicsAs the nights grow darker and colder, your outdoor seating area could probably benefit from a little extra cozy lighting. The question is, should you focus more on aesthetics or practicality when it comes to shopping for your new fixtures? Well, the answer is you should focus on both while paying attention to these key aspects:

Safety and Security

The main reason most people implement outdoor lighting fixtures is to make the area safer and easier to access. No one wants to stumble around outside in the pitch black, and by adding some extra lights, you can encourage people to spend time outside without fearing that they’ll trip or run into something. You can specifically light stairs or other dangerous spots so people of all ages will feel comfortable in your yard.

Additionally, bright lights in specific areas can deter burglars and other dangers. You’ll feel extra secure knowing you can look around outside and see what’s going on.

Do You Want to Show Off Any Outdoor Features?

If you have statues, flower beds, large plants, fountains or other noticeable yard features you want to highlight, you’ll have to plan your lighting purchases accordingly. Start by deciding what areas need the most light and work from there. When in doubt, contact a lighting professional who can give you some helpful advice on where additional light fixtures would be the most beneficial, both practically and visibly.

Efficiency and Costs

The unfortunate side effect of added outdoor lighting is sometimes a higher electricity bill. However, you can avoid excessive costs by investing in energy-efficient LED bulbs. These will cost you less while still giving your yard the brightness it needs.

How Do You Want Your Outdoor Area to Feel?

Some people like their outdoor areas to feel light and bright while others prefer their seating areas to feel dim and cozy. The kind of lights and the color of bulbs you choose can drastically affect the mood of an area, so you’ll need to figure out what kind of atmosphere you’d like to convey. Lighting experts can help with this if you feel a little out of your league when deciding on specific lights or knowing where to place them for the greatest effect.

Speaking of lighting experts, NTX Outdoor Lighting is more than happy to provide advice and install your new lighting fixtures. Call today to schedule an appointment or speak with an expert.

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