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November 9, 2017
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November 29, 2017
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pond lighting serviceWhen it comes to outdoor lighting, different priorities take precedence depending on the person. Generally when someone has a beautiful water feature or pond in their backyard, they want to be able to see it and enjoy it, even when it’s dark! Pond lighting can not only increase a homeowners enjoyment of their water feature, but can also create a safer outdoor environment for pets and kids who may accidentally fall into the pond at night.

Be Energy Efficient

When it comes to lighting your pond, it is important to choose options that will both highlight the true beauty of the feature, and also not break the bank due to high energy bills. There are many different ways to make your pond lighting more energy efficient. Using LED or fluorescent bulbs will help your pond light up brighter and use less energy. Many pond owners also decide to install solar lights. These lights soak up energy from the sun during the day and use the energy to light up your pond at night.

Highlight the Best Features

When deciding on how you want to light your backyard pond, it is important to think about which features you would like to highlight most. Do you have a beautiful waterfall that could come to life with the help of a backlight? Or, do you have colorful koi fish swimming around that you would like your guests to see? Be sure to speak with your lighting professional about which features you would like to highlight with your new pond lighting!

Submersible and Above Ground Lights

Another tough choice to make when deciding to light your pond is whether or not to use submersible or above ground lights. Above ground lights are a bit easier to access and maintain, but may not provide as dramatic of a look for pond lighting. Submersible lights can create a beautiful sparkle effect on top of the water, but are a bit harder to maintenance.

A combination of both submersible and above ground lights are usually needed in order to get the best aesthetic for your water feature!

Bring in the Experts!

When you have NTX Outdoor Lighting install pond lighting, you are guaranteed several things. You are guaranteed safety and security. You are guaranteed a job well done that lasts. And finally, you’re ensured that the outcome is a design and atmosphere that you’re happy with. Contact our team today for that added security.

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